Personalized NFTs from the Global Leaders Collective

Personalized NFTs from the
Global Leaders Collective

Get Your First NFT from the Global Leaders Collective...

Get Your First NFT from the Global Leaders Collective...

We are the simplest way to get started with NFTs.

  • Get A Personalized NFT From Your Photograph...
  • Step Into The Blockchain…
  • Create Your Legacy…


Join the Generation of Branding...

If you are thinking about becoming an NFT owner, you’re in the right place!

As the popularity of NFTs continues to grow, more and more people
are looking to get involved in this new and exciting world. 

The Easiest Way to Become the
Owner of an NFT art piece...


Upload any photo of yours and we’ll convert it into a personalized NFT.


Get step-by step guidelines on acquiring your new NFT.


Become the owner of a
brand new NFT and
join the movement.

Global Leaders Collective is Providing the Opportunity to Start a New Reality...

  • Your name will be etched in the blockchain for eternity...
  • Our platform allows you to participate by taking actions that lead to measurable and impactful social change.
  • The value of NFTs will be impacted by the future activities of the holder. 
  • Get in on the ground floor, and be an early adopter.
  • This is an opportunity for those who currently lack digital assets to own their first piece of digital art

Turn Your Photo Into an NFT!

The Global Leaders Collective...

Established in 2021, and headquartered in Oakland, CA, Global Leaders Collective is a company that specializes in helping companies successfully adopt NFT technology into their brand and generate marketing initiatives from concept to build to delivery.

Lee Richter, our CEO and Mastermind, is an award-winning business innovator and visionary. She is a pioneer in the Crypto and NFT world and she is ready to help you take it by storm! 

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